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An invitation to the community, that's YOU


Dear Minneapolis Community Member:

Each spring at South High School, the 250 ninth grade students in the Liberal Arts program finish their year with a culminating project called the Ripple Effect.

For this project, students select an issue in our school, community, country, or world that they care about. They conduct research on the problem, connect with organizations working on this issue, and ultimately take action to make a difference. Ideally, their passion and work extends beyond the school year and they go on to create a ripple effect in the world. 

This is a challenging activity for these young people who are still at the beginning of their high school experience, and are still struggling to find their confidence and voice.

They need support from all of us to listen to their concerns about the issues that are important to them, and help them work through the ideas they have about how to improve our world.

As a way to assist students in reaching out to make a difference in their community, we are hosting a day in which students will present their ideas to the community, perform poetry and music about issues, educate and fundraise for specific causes or organizations, and facilitate opportunities to write letters to legislators.

We invite you to come and support these young people as they problem-solve, inspire, and navigate the complex world of promoting peace and justice in our communities.

You are under no obligation to donate money or write letters. Come as you are and participate to your comfort level!

Thanks for your continued support of our students!


The Liberal Arts Humanities I Team