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South High Ambassadors

Welcome to South High! We're here to help South High students get connected to friends, to school and to new experiences. We hope to meet you soon at our small online gatherings. 

BEZAWIT (BEZA) ABATE '21 (she/her): South is a diverse school with teachers and staff who are always willing to help you. Take that opportunity to learn more about people's culture and South in general. There are also many clubs and activities you can join. 😊 Try to make the most of your high school career because it will end before you know it. πŸ˜…Times goes by fast. πŸ•›πŸ˜­ ASK ME ABOUT: National Honor Society (I'm the president : ), Math Team, Dare2BReal, Writers' Room Coaching, Badminton and Ambassadors!
GUS LAFAVE '22 (he/him): I genuinely believe South has something for everyone, and my hope is to help new students at the school find their place and their people. ASK ME ABOUT: Varsity Soccer, Math Team, Ambassadors!
ABREA WOLLER β€˜21 (she/her): I have been at South my whole high school career. We may not have the most money or the best building but you will find some great people. I know distance learning is hard but I encourage you to try to connect with your peers and teachers. ASK ME ABOUT: Tennis, National Honor Society, Art, Music and Ambassadors!
BIANCA MORCHO '21 (she/her): South is diverse and loves for its students to share their opinions and beliefs. ASK ME ABOUT: National Honor Society, Book Club, Math team, Sisters-N-Tech, Tiger Cubs!
BEATRICE KENNEDY-LOGAN '21 (she/her): I love all of the art and music opportunities here at South. ASK ME ABOUT: Costume crew for theater, National Honor Society, Varsity Choir and of course Ambassadors!
SAMIRA AHMED '21 (she/her): South is a very welcoming and accepting place! ASK ME ABOUT: Anything! I'm happy to help you with what I know and glad to find someone who knows the answer, if I don't!
ASHLYN ZIEGLER '21 (she/her): South is a very welcoming community. You will find a place here that's comfortable. ASK ME ABOUT: Softball, Student Council, Principal Advisory Board and Ambassadors!
SARAH ALI '21 (she/her): One aspect of South that I enjoy is that there is a wide variety of different types of classes to choose from, as well as clubs and activities. ASK ME ABOUT: Student Council, National Honor Society, Sisters-n-Tech
SOFIA FISH '22 (she/her): I really like South, which is part of the reason I try to stay involved. The school has a very strong community amongst its students and because of that, we have a lot of fun and show a lot of spirit, especially at events. The staff also really care about the students and you can count on them to help you with whatever you need. ASK ME ABOUT: Student Council, NHS, Clarinet, Soccer and Math Tutoring!
TABITHA COWAN '22 (She/her): South is an amazing school with great kids and teachers. The teachers here are always open to helping you with anything you need. I was in the Open program so your grade is determined by you and your teacher. We also have a ton of sports and activities that I would recommend joining because it's a great way to meet new people, especially when you can't be in the classroom. ASK ME ABOUT: Badminton, Band, Student Council, and Ambassadors!
LILY ANDERSEN '21 (she/her): I really like the community at South High because everyone is very connected, and values friendship. Something that is very special about South is the music program. I have found so many great friends that share my love for music. I love math and engineering as well and have found the PLTW programs very great. ASK ME ABOUT: Tennis, Hockey, Frisbee, NHS!
ELIANA THOMPSON '22 (she/her): I love that South High has a place for everyone. The community is really welcoming and there are lots of opportunities to bond with classmates. One of my favorites is going to sports games with friends. ASK ME ABOUT: Rugby!
SARAH MEEK '21 (she/her) I love being at South and having interactions with the wonderful student body and teachers. South is best when you find a friend group and do activities with them! ASK ME ABOUT: Theater, Dance GeCo
ELLIE BARNETT-CASHMAN '21 (she/her): South High is special because there is such a wide variety of clubs and opportunities so that everyone can find something that suits them. Students are accepting, caring, fun, respectful and thoughtful. ASK ME ABOUT: Gymnastics, Ultimate Frisbee, Newspaper, Dare to be Real!
CASSANDRA GARCIA-RIOS '21: I am a introverted person, but still like to communicate with different types of people. I like continuing to strive for my best in whatever I can do and South High School has helped me with that. I want incoming students to know that South High School is a diverse community that accepts any differences and even when things get hard, they try their best to make you feel comfortable. ASK ME ABOUT: Tennis, Badminton, National Honor Society (I'm the Secretary : ) and Student Council.
ELLA VOEKS '23 (she/her): I really want the incoming students to know that the clubs at south are awesome! Joining an activity here is so much fun even if you have never done the activity before. It's great for making new friends and overall just becoming more in the community at south. I hope we can make the best out of this crazy school year! ASK ME ABOUT: Soccer (JV Captain : ), Band (I play alto sax), Piano, Fashion and Visual Arts!
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