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Advanced Placement Human Geography (APHUG)
World Map
Our World Today

APHUG is a one semester course designed to fulfill the state geography requirement and to familiarize students with and expose students to the global, interconnected and interdependent nature of

Planet Earth
Planet Earth from Space
today's world

The Globe
Atlanta, GA On a boat to Finland Future Tiger in Atlanta Lake Como, Italy Minneapolis With my Nohel grandparents in Madison, WI My Dad and me in Madison,WI With my Mom and my sister Audrey in Atlanta, GA With my grandmother Weisskopf in Bethesda, MD Brother Tom with Karen and our nephew, Jeremy With, Tom and Jeremy in Minneapolis With Brother Tom in Minneapolis With buddy Justo in Minneapolis Keena in Minneapolis With Karen,Flat Hanna and Corky in Minneapolis With Karen at home in Minneapolis Ecole Nouvelle in Lausanne, Switzerland Dutch friends in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands Lu and Corky, Minneapolis
PDF APHUG   --  Student Syllabus

    --  2010 World Cup Anthem-Wavin' Flag

document Note-Taking Strategies and Assignment   --  This is the note-taking format for the text and supplemental readings that will be used for ALL reading assignments for the course
document Website Survey   --  Print out the survey, fill it out with parent, provide comments, bring it to class and get 10 points
PDF Catan Explorers and Pirates Part 1   --  Read these instructions on the Land Ho scenario. It continues on part 2 to play on Monday May 20
PDF Catan Explorers and Pirates Part 2   --  Land Ho scenario end; beginning of Pirate Lairs which continues on part 3. Read for Tuesday May 21
PDF Catan Explorers and Pirates Part 3   --  End of Pirate Lairs; Fishing For Catan, Spices for Catan, and Explorers and Pirates scenarios