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School Quality Review (SQR)
Minneapolis Public Schools participates in a School Quality Review process. This type of review is designed to help clearly identify a school’s unique strengths and opportunities for improvement. It goes beyond test scores to provide a thorough analysis of what’s really going on within each school community.

Review Methods and Reporting
The quality review began with a self assessment, completed by the principal. When this was completed, a reviewer from outside the district visited the school for two days. Minneapolis Public Schools used Cambridge Education, an experienced, international school improvement firm, to conduct these reviews.

The reviewer visited classrooms and interviewed teachers, parents and students to inform the School Quality Review report. This document is not a marketing document nor a deficiency report, but an object third party summary.

The report, along with additional data, is used by schools to identify strengths and areas for focused improvement in their annual School Improvement Plan (SIP).

2022-23 School Year

The Family-School Compact is a joint agreement between school staff, families, and students that outlines how each group will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and family members will build and develop a partnership.

This is our pledge to support student achievement:


As a student, I pledge to:

Realize that my education is important. To work towards graduation requirements and the State’s high standards. Respect my school, classmates and staff by adhering to Tiger Pride Expectations. Collaborate and participate in efforts to put forth by my teachers and other educational staff toward my education. This means attending school daily, doing and turning in assignments, studying and being prepared for exams. Agree to take responsibility and ownership toward my education and academic achievement. Celebrate accomplishments.


As a family member, I pledge to:

Monitor attendance, progress in school, class assignments and homework. Communicate with the school when I have a concern. Make every attempt to attend school events such as parent-teacher conferences and Open House. Participate in and share decision making with the school staff and others for the benefit of students.


As staff, we pledge to:

Explain expectations, curriculum assessments, and state standards to parents and students. Create a supportive learning environment in which families are welcome partners and students can be successful. Welcome parents as volunteers or when visiting my classroom. Be available to explain or answer questions. Regularly provide materials and suggestions to parents on how they can support their child’s learning. Remain competent and current in subjects taught and in instructional methods and strategies. Communicate frequently with parents regarding student’s progress.


does this fire?!