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Academic All Stars recognized


At the first celebration of its kind, in many years at South High, students were celebrated as "Academic All Stars."

These students received recognition as:

  • National Merit Nominees and Finalists, as determined by the National Merit Scholarship Committee; 
  • University Book Award Winners, given to juniors who exemplify achievement standards of respective universities;
  • Presidential Certificate Honorees, awarded to seniors for achievement, artistry and leadership
  • Advanced Placement, College In the Schools and Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Achievers, students taking 3+ classes with high marks in their senior year.

The May 17 event featured South High alum Tyler Moroles, '09 as keynote speaker. As well, as remarks from R.T. Rybak, former mayor and Executive Director of Generation Next; and alum Carly Eckstrom, '15, who is currently a freshman at Stanford University.

Moroles is the Analyst for the ‎Minneapolis Public Housing Authority, and a graduate of Columbia College/University in New York City and DePaul University. He and his three siblings all graduated from South High and all currently hold masters degrees. He spoke of his transformative high school years, discovering who he was academically and in college doing the same with regard to his cultural identity. 

Special thanks to Mr. Moroles and the many who contributed to an inspirational evening!

Congratulations to the following South High students, recognized as South High Academic All Stars!

National Merit Scholarship Finalists, 2015-2016
Sophia Breitag-Makeever
Mairead Howley
Isabel Rousmaniere

National Merit Nominees, 2016-17 
Ella Barnhill   
Elwood Olson

Nicholas Christenson   
Alexander Otte  

Ruby Dennis   
Cleo Rank

Josiah Ferguson
Kieran Hegarty
Townesend Nelson
Cyrus Nordhougen

Presidential Certificates (Achievement, Artistry, Leadership)
Ahmed Ali,            Leadership - Peace Circles
Maya Anderson,   Leadership - Music
Thomas Bates,     Artistry - Music
Payton Bowdry,    Leadership and Artistry - Music
Salima Gul,          Achievement, - Science
Joseph Hunt,        Leadership and Artistry, - Music
Nahal Javan,        Leadership and Achievement - Music
Jessica Loja,        Achievement - Science
David Mason,       Artistry and Achievement - Music
Betty Mfaligundi,  Leadership - Music
Yesenia Hernandez Nava,   Achievement - AVID

Book Awards
Rami Azzazi  - Dartmouth University  
Kasey Herrera-Lima - Columbia University 
Seefan Dabala - Harvard University 
Grace Sommers - Wellesley College
Cleo Rank - Yale University  

College in the Schools
Post-Secondary Enrollment Options
Advanced Placement 

Abdi, Sakarie Ibrahim
Abdishikur,Najash Abubeker
Abebe, Michael Tadesse
Amin, Abdulkadir Mohamed
Anderson, Tanner Hayes
Atkinson, Mccall Katherine
Backhus, Adelaide C
Bates,Thomas William
Bergmann, Ezra 
Bieger, Kathleen Maloney
Boucher, Julia Emma
Breitag-Makeever, Sophia Ray
Brodek, Siobhan Michelle
Cagemoe, Ciara Margaretta
Coultrip, Chloe Jolene Xiuqin
Currie, Mason Richard
Daud, Somaiya Ahmed
De Danann, Brighid Maeve
Del Carmen, Emilio Dag
Deva, Klevis 
Ellis, Oliver Sheldon
Emory, Joshua P 
Eusebio, Lily Marie
Farah, Abdi 
Gasana, Serge 
Gumm, Elise Marie
Hahn, Erik Christian
Hamill, Adrian Reed
Handley, Maeve Du-Biel
Hassan, Ayan Hussein
Hassan, Mohamed Jama
Heard, Mary-Margaret Cecelia
Heywood, Madeleine Faith
Houghton, Liam John
Howley, Mairead Katherine
Jones, Lucas James
Kaelin, Kathleen Mae
Kleven, Anna Luisa
Kotnik, Wil Joseph
Lebeau, Luke L
Lee, Kalia 
Leech, Conor Joseph
Leinbach, Oscar Douglas
Lutz, Cornelia Wallis Murray
Luvisia, Beth Nanjala
Mamo, Natnail Seleshi
Mann, Christopher Gougeon
Mclaughlin, Haydn Michael
Mugeta, Serapia Jocelyn
Muse, Ahmed M
Navab, Saara Safa
Neufeld, Laurel May
Omar, Nabil 
Otto, Rex Emrys
Pearson-Schmitt, Noah Graham
Pederson, Emma Christine
Peterson, Sydney Irene
Roedl, Kendra Elisabeth
Rothenberger, Sophia 
Rousmaniere, Isabel Lee Morris
Salsabila, Yuristika 
Schrag, Ethan Bradley
Scott, Genoa Phoebe
Serrano Castro, Iris Del Carmen
Sewell, Ivy Berglund
Shellabarger, Eva Joanne
Siskind, Athena Elizabeth-
Smith, Emma Louise
Swope, Kaz Kelly
Vankampen-Dufloth, Henry Clifford
Velez, Bryam G
Welch, Adele Rose
White Rosencrans, Kaitlyn Paige
Wilson, Xaviera 
Wilson-Nausner, Jonah Liam-Rober
Yang, Ashley 
Zhina Carpio, Wilson Misael
Zinky, Sidonia Rose