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A.P. Human Geography

This course fulfills several purposes.  First, it completes the MN state geography requirement.  Second, since this is an AP course, you could also earn college credit. Third, it will give you a basic introduction to the wonderfully vast study that is HUMAN geography. And fourth, it will provide you with a perspective on the world today and the issues we face as a planet that you previously may have never imagined.

The common thread that will weave through the course is that of globalization.  This phenomenon has brought you closer to every other person on earth economically, environmentally, technologically, and culturally.  Our greatest achievements and our greatest challenges will arrive as the world’s nations and peoples become more and more interdependent. The goal is for students to better understand the changing nature of our world today. Below is a list of the units we will cover this semester.

Since this is an A.P. class there is a test that will be administered on May 13, 2016.  The hope is that all students will choose to take the exam in an attempt to earn college credit.

You should expect to have work for this course EVERY DAY and since much of the material builds upon itself, it will be imperative that you strive to keep up with readings and note-taking as well as all the written assignments.  We may not be able to discuss EVERYTHING you need to know for the A.P. test in class so it will be your responsibility to ask questions about things you do not understand.  If you require extra assistance you certainly can make an appointment before or after school or simply come in before school for help.