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The Results are In!
What Lame Thing Did Rumppe Retire This Year?
Goatee Wins with 56% Of The Vote

The Results Are In!


Well, the votes are in!  The results were tabulated and analyzed by the accounting firm of Price Waterhouse and were sent via one of the pigeons that are part of the Southwest community.  After climbing to the top of the Southwest chimney, and enduring attacks by the pair of peregrine falcons who also frequent the chimney, I realized the effort was all worthwhile.  It turns out there was a tie!

The nominees this year were:

  • UN-Retire: "Math Makes Me Frisky"  (Retired in
    A Pi-Thetic Pi-cture of Rumppe's Pi-Stach (near his Pi-hole)!
  • Retire: "Quit laughing at my lobsided circles, I have scoliosis!"
  • Retire: "My singing "April N Prinson"  to the tune of April in Paris whenever I take attendance in 3rd period.
  • Retire: My Goatee.  

And the winner (the loser) is:  The Goatee!

What's next for Mr. Rumppe's facial hair quaff?  Check it out: