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Food Service

DEAR FAMILIES: Please complete the "Application for Educational Benefits.REGARDLESS OF INCOME, YOUR COMPLETED FORM BENEFITS SOUTH HIGH!!!
*Also find forms in back-to-school packet

Our mission is to provide nutritious meals to all students at South. We are very proud of the food we serve. We work hard to make appealing, nutritious meals and put a lot of love into our food, too!

School breakfast is served at no cost to all students 7:45 to 8:15 a.m. 

Student lunch is $2.80 and includes milk, fruit, vegetable, meat or meat alternative and bread. 

Breakfast for adults
is $2.55 and lunch is $4.55. 

Students must make choices from three food groups, with one of the three being a fruit or vegetable.

Students may purchase a second entree, but must have money in their account to cover the cost.

Lunch times:
4th Hour  | 11:02 am – 12:28 pm
1st lunch 10:58 – 11:28
2nd lunch 11:28 – 11:58
3rd lunch 11:58 – 12:28

Prepaid Lunch Accounts—Families may prepay:

  • At school, by bringing a check or cash to the Food Service Coordinator; or
  • Online at  School Café using a debit or credit card.

Free/Reduced Lunches—The Nutrition Center for Minneapolis Public Schools sends out applications at the beginning of August.

  • We ask that all families return Free and Reduced lunch forms.
  • This information is used by the state and school district to determine part of our funding.
  • Many families qualify for free or reduced lunches.
  • Some parents/guardians will already have received a letter from Hennepin County for their child to receive free or reduced cost meals. 
  • Complete the form OR apply online.

We encourage students to try items they may not be familiar with. We have eliminated high fructose corn syrups, trans fats and artificial colors and preservatives. We have two salad bars and use fresh, locally sourced produce.

Open Campus—Eligible students may go outside at lunch. Ninth grade students are not permitted to leave campus for lunch at South but will be eligible as sophomores. 

Garden to Cafeteria Is an MPS program providing fresh garden produce for school meals. At South High, our campus gardens produced a fall harvest of tomatoes, peppers and zucchini squash for the cafeteria.

Volunteer! Any students and staffers interested in participating in the preparation/planting of the garden are welcome! Please contact Science teacher Susan Peterson.