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Class offerings are designed to prepare students for their goals beyond high school. Education prepares you for work you enjoy, work which provides a decent living, and a path for growth throughout your lifetime. Your choices beyond high school may include:
• 2-year or 4-Year College or University
• Apprenticeship programs
• Gap Year - year off
• Military Service
• Entering the workforce

South offers classes in:
Career and Technology
Fine Arts
Language Arts
Physical Education and Health
Social Studies
World Languages

Each student has a school counselor to help them be successful in high school. Counselors advise students on planning their classes to be prepared for education or training beyond high school. Counselors interact with students individually, in small groups, or as an entire class. They consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, medical professionals, and social workers to develop and implement strategies to help students succeed.

Who is my student’s assistant principal and counselor?
Call the main office, 612-668-4300 to find out.

What classes are available for my student?
Review the curriculum guide on our web site under the Parent tab or stop in the office for a copy. The guide has graduation standards and college preparation suggestions.

My student was placed in the wrong class.
Please contact their counselor (See contact information on page 30). Seniors and Juniors have the first chance to make corrections to their schedules. Some requested changes may not be available due to scheduling conflicts, etc. Note: Changes must be made within the first 10 days of the school year (by Sep 12, 2011) for year-long and 1st semester classes and by the 5th school day of the second semester.

How can my student see their counselor?
Stop in the counseling office during passing time, before or after school and make an appointment.

My student’s schedule is so full. How can they fit in everything?
Health and Physical Education may be taken in Summer School or through On-Line Learning. For all on-line course offerings offered by the Minneapolis School District, check out:

When are report cards delivered?
Final grades are mailed home about 10 days after the quarter ends (Nov 3, Jan 20, Mar 29, Jun 5). Mid-quarter grade reports are issued between official grade reports, some families may receive a “letter of concern” if a student’s grades are D, F or NC (No Credit). Parents may check students attendance, grades, assignments, and schedule online through the Parent Portal. See page 22 for registration instructions.

My student is struggling, what can I do?
First, contact the teacher. Teachers will advise you on the next steps for your student and are in the classroom before and after school to assist students. Teacher’s contact information is on our web site, under Directory or you may contact a teacher by email through the Parent Portal. After-school tutoring is available for all students. See page 35 for more information.

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