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Job Description for College and Career Center Volunteers
There are a variety of ways in which volunteers can assist students, staff and parents in using the Career and College Center’s resources:

a.    Develop/update website.
b.    Research scholarship options.
c.    Organize and disseminate student opportunities.
d.    Supervise college rep visits.
e.    Update/maintain calendar.
f.    Update/maintain files.
g.    Update career and college search materials.

One-on-one with students:

a.    Online interest, learning style, and personality assessments
b.    Research career options
c.    Research college admissions process
d.    Research financial aid options
e.    Assist in completing FAFSA
f.    Assist in resume writing / proofing
g.    Give feedback/proof college application essays
h.    Conduct mock interviews
i.    Mentoring
j.    Assist with components of My Life Plan and e-folio.

Work with groups of students:
a.    Give presentations to students regarding careers.
b.    Administer AP exam.
c.    Assist with field trips.
d.    Give presentations re preparing for next steps, e.g., for freshmen about what it takes to go to college.
e.    Facilitate work of collaborative partners (corporate, community and educational partners) in the Achieve! Center.
f.    Assist teachers with classroom activities in the Achieve! Center.