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What's wrong with Discovery?
Screenshot of the error message. Click to enlarge
This is the screenshot that I got after saving the work I entered at 10:55 pm.  I can't imagine there is a great deal of strain on the network at this late time of day.  I've received similar error messages throughout the day.  Sometimes, I need only use the back button on my browser and reclick save. Other times, I have to reenter all of the attendance or grade records and press save before it works.

I had no other application open at the time this screen shot was taken. I am using IE on Windows XP machines.

I know there are many others at Southwest who are experiencing similar issues and also at random times of the day.  Aside from wasting my time having to perform a work-around each time it messes up, I am afraid of losing data.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this issue.