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A Year of Quotes (Many taken out of context...I might add!)



Another Year of Quotes

·         "Math- it's like a soap opera"


·         "Big Bird does that thing with his beak: 'square!' "


·         "Weapons of Math Construction"


·         "Kids, don't touch each other that way"


·         "Diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain"


·         "If you guys are about to come to blows… call me up, ‘cuz I haven't seen a good fight in a LONG time"


·         "You can AMAZE your friends!"


·         "I'm the faculty Homecoming King... there is that little fact that I run the election.."


·         "The purple marker gave its life for your education"


·         "Guys: chicks dig guys who can do multiplication facts in their head, it's how I met my wife!"


·         "I got the ghetto Smart Board up here… the Dumb Board!"


·         "QED, baby!"


·         "Wanna hear a poem I wrote? A B C D E F G..."


·         "Out of my way- pregnant man coming through!"


·         "It's my workout for today"  (attempting to pull the projector screen down)


·         "The TI-93: chicks dig it!"  "You'd have to carry it down the hall like this.. 'hey girls!' "


·         "DAM: Mothers Against Dyslexia"


·         Student:  "Mr. Rumppe, you should be a hand model"


·         "Wow, those mice are getting big"  (commotion from floor above)


·         "It's losing its juiciness when you just stand there and hold it"  (whiteboard marker)


·         Mr. Rumppe:  "It's a moist marker"

Student 1:  "I hate the word 'moist' !"

Mr. Rumppe:  "Hmm, now I need a 'J' word..

Student 2:   "J'moist!"


·         "It's Casper the friendly denominator!"


·         "…and I made the angles 'scratch and sniff' for the nasal learners.."