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3M TECH. Visited Dr. Olatoye and Mrs. Genosky Chemistry Class

Sharing in the vision of Minneapolis public schools, “Every child college and career ready,”  3M TECH was invited to South High School on May 15, 2015 to ignite the passion for chemistry in our young chemists. The presentation was fascinating and inspirational. Students moved from “ I don’t know why we study chemistry at the high school” to “ yes, I totally get it, chemistry is all around us and we need to be knowledgeable of how chemistry works” Most importantly, the future career of our students was positively impacted. As a result of the presentation, South High young chemists are more excited to go to college and graduate school to study science when they graduate from high school. They learned that, all science/engineering graduate schools in the country are tuition free! What more can be motivating for our young chemists!

In addition, students are more aware of some of the 3M products and the chemistry that goes into the making of the products. The presenters from 3M did an awesome job of igniting the passion for chemistry and innovation in our students. We are grateful to 3M TECH for partnering with South High School in boosting our students’ learning of chemistry.