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1997-1998 School Year
1997-1998 Varsity Team Photo: Front Row: C. Jones, G. Spears, T. Hooks, E. Philbert, P. Dubois. Back Row: Coach Jihid, Coach Bryant, F. Benjamin-Reyes, S. Bergstrom, P. Jury, P. Thorp, M. Milton, Coach Hyser.

With the new season came a group of new coaches.  However, the new head coach is not new to the program.  Joe Hyser has been an assistant coach with the Tigers for the last six season.  Now, he will take over the program which has experienced little success in the past few seasons.  Also new to the team are the assistant coaches, Charles Hallman, Amil Jihad, Mr. Bryant and Mr. Harris.

The Tigers opened their season with three non-conference games against schools from St. Paul.  All three games were competitive with the same results.  The Tigers lost all three.  The first game was against Como Park.  Park win a low-scoring contest 58-51.  In a higher-scoring game, Humboldt also beat the Tigers by seven points, 77-70.  Harding then won 67-58.

The conference season began in January.  The first opponent was defending State Champion North.  The Tigers tried to stay with the Polars, but to no avail, North won 71-52.   Edison also defeated the Tigers in their second conference game.  This game was closer than the North game, but the results were the same, with the Tommies winning 67-57.

Southwest was the next opponent.  The Lakers pushed the Tigers, but the Tigers won their first conference game of the season, 64-57.

The remainder of the conference season was not positive.  Henry defeated the Tigers 91-64.  Roosevelt won 61-50.  The game against Washburn was the closest of the season.  Washburn won by a slim two points, 63-61. 

The second round started against North and North won by 43, 81-38.  Edison won for the second time.  The score of this game was 71-60.  Southwest avenged its earlier loss.  This game was closer than the first, but still a South loss, 59-55.  Henry defeated the Tigers, but the score was not reported. Roosevelt won by 19, 68-49.  Washburn also defeated the Tigers.  The score of this game was not reported.

The Tigers finished in last place with a 1-11 record.  This was the fourth consecutive year the Tigers finished last.  Captain Paul Jury was reported in the South Yearbook as saying, “When we started the year our main goal was to improve upon last year, and I think we’ve sone that, so oin that sense, our season has been a success.”