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1996-1997 Season
1996-1997 Combined Team Photo: Front Row: L. Ockwig, T. Thompson, M. Rienardy, A. Zarich, J, Soears, D. Wold, B. Pham, S. Schuette, T. Epstein, T. Wilson, I. Swenson, B. Schnickel, R. Kos. Second Row: C. Berglund, S. Claussen, E. Sutton, K. MacCullum, A. Clarke, S. Lentz, J. Case, J. Gender, M. Wilson, D. Favero, J. TIckner, M. McLoone, L. Rahn, N. Hill, D. Scheffler, Z. Smith, S. Danielle. Third Row: A. Lawson, R. Zeltina, G. Huntstiger, C. Spears, B. Dipman, I. Kaminski-Coughlin, J. Strong, M. Thomson, B. Baumann, A. Hendel, S. Johnson, T. Hansen, C. Lucas, M. Peck. Back Row: Coach C. Canham, B. Merchant, P. Keesey, M. WIllan, K. Garibaldi, T. Hart, E. Nelson, T. Peter. P. Voves, R. Albrecht, A. Schnickel, R. Substad, J. Hammergren, R. Acker, J. Moffet, J. TIckner, J. Swanson, S. Kettering, C. Serril, T. Woodward. Coach W. Kaari.

Hard work and dedication is what is needed to be a cross country runner.  Running miles every day and competing in a four kilometer race (about 2-1/2 miles) takes a lot of heart. The team was relativelt young witrh two freshmen and one sophomore running varsity.

South opened the season finishing fifth at the Nokomis Invitational.  The Apple Valley Eagle Invitational saw the worst finish of the season, with the Tigers finishing 16th.The Tigers improved to seventh at the Metro Invitational.  Two fourth-place finished at both the Burnsville Blaze Invitational and Anoka Rum River Invitational.

The Tigers were ready for the Conference Meet where they again took the championship.  At the Region Meet, the Tigers finished in second place, qualifying for the State Meet.  This was the eighth time South qualified for the State Meet, and the seventh time in the last eight years.  The Tigers finished in 11th place.

Craig Canham, finished his 15th season as co-coach, and Warren Kaari again led the Tiger Cross Country runners.