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1994-1995 Season
1994-1995 Combined Team Photo: T. Woodward, E. Nelson, A. Sutton, R. Albrecht, E. Giesen-Fields, P. Richter, R. Substad, B. Wahlstrand, P. Lokken, J. McCabe, M. Lindstrom, A. Walsh, T. McMurry, A. Michaelson, G. Spears, Coach R NIemic, T. Thompson, C. Mills, A. Voves, B. Peck, J. Swanson, J. Moffet, M. Wollen, A. Rand, E. Williams, J. Tickner, A. Schnickel, T. Peter, J. Wendt, J. Hammergren, Coach W. Kaari, A. Barber S. Girshick, B. Reeves, K. McCallum, D. Wakemup, T Hart, R. Kannas, B. Portwood, C. Lucas, B. Walsh, B. Merchant, E. P. Walker, A. Gillispie, W. Peterson, S. CClausen, T. Christen, S. Fifield, C. Ayers, B. Rebhuhn, S. Wald, N. Moen, M. Kanar, A. Miller, S. Lentz, E. Doucet-Beer, S. Kanrar, A. Lawson.

With a very young team. No one knew what to expect from the South Cross Country team.  Only two runners, Sarah Girshick and Tierre Christen, had participated in Varsity Meets before.  To make matters worse, neither of the two able to run in a meet in October.  The team had to grow up fast.

The inexperience showed at the Apple Valley Eagle Meet, where the Tigers finished near the bottom, in 17th place.

Slowly, the Tigers improved.  A ninth place finish at the Montecello Meet and a seventh place at the Nokomis Invitational showed promise.

The team finished sixth at Burnsville and then second at Anoka.

The young team gained experience quickly.  At the Conference Meet, the team finished in first place!  Sarah Fifield claimed fifth place overall.  Courtney Mills, 8th, Angela Voves, 9th, Tierra Christen, 11th, and Amy Barber, 12th, were the other point scorers.

At the Region Meet, the Tigers finished in second place, claiming a spot in the State Meet.  At the State Meet, the inexperience caught up to the team.  They finished in 16th place. 

Warren Kaari and Craig Canham were joined by Randy Niemic on the coaching staff.