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1993-1994 School Year
1993-1994 Varsity Team Photo: Front Row: A. White, M. MacLeod-Roth, E. Fargione, J. Angus, M. Bartel, M. Neiman, M. Lee-Erickson. Middle Row: E. Lovrien, M. Stenberg, J. Starken, M. Wolters, K. Pratt, A. Diaz. Back Row: Coach J. McGinness, S. Regan, M. Shaak, A. Kaatz, K. Heit, S. Tennessen.

There were changes to the soccer schedule beginning this season.  No longer would there be two rounds in the conference.  A single round would determine the conference champion.  However, schools could still play a conference opponent twice, but only the first game played would count toward the conference standings.  The second would be considered a non-conference game.

South opened the conference season scoring 10 or more goals in three of their first four games.  The first game was a 13-0 shutout of Edison.  That was followed with a 10-0 win over Henry.  Southwest was the only team of the first four to hold the Tigers down.  South scored only one goal against their arch-nemesis.  The good things is the one goal is all South would need to win, 1-0.  North was then destroyed 10-0.

This brought the Tigers to the game with Washburn.  Both teams were 4-0 going into the game.  This game would decide the conference title.  Or would it?  Both teams scored a goal and no more.  The game ended in a 1-1 tie and the teams remained tied for the lead.  The conference title would come down to the last game. 

Washburn played their last game three days before the Tigers played theirs.  Washburn took on Roosevelt and won easily 8-0.  The Tigers knew they had to win to claim a share of the title.  Their opponent, ironically, was also Roosevelt.  The Teddies put up a good fight but fell 3-0 to the Tigers.  South and Washburn shared the conference title with 5-0-1 records.

In non-conference games, South was just as successful.  Three teams from the conference were non-conference opponents.  The Tigers continued their domination.  Southwest lost 5-1.  North fell 13-0.  Washburn also lost, 4-0.

The Tigers played two games that ended in ties.  One was against Totino Grace, and the other against Bloomington Jefferson.  Ironically, the score of both games was the same, 0-0.

Three teams defeated the Tigers in non-conference games.  All three games were shut outs.  Apple Valley won 4-0.  Bloomington Kennedy had a 2-0 victory.  Wayzata won 3-0.

The non-conference schedule yielded six wins.  The Tigers dominated Centennial 6-0.  Henry Sibley lost is a close 2-1 game.  Spring Lake Park fell 2-0.  Both Eden Prairie and Totino Grace fell by 1-0 scores.

For the first time in school history, the Tigers advanced to the State Tournament.  The 1994 South Yearbook did not say who the Tigers beat in the Region or State Tournaments.  It may be assumed that the non-conference scores include those played in the Region and State Tournaments.

For the sixth season, Joe McGinness was the head coach of the Tigers.  His assistants were Maria Fraboni and Missy McGinty.