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1992-1993 Season
1992-1993 Combined Team Photo: Front Row: D. Buchsbaum, B. Bernards, M. Partwood, B. Moseng, D. Nelson, C. Ries, D. Holtz, A. Rand, R. Peschiutta, G. Lundgren, J. Doe, A. Sutton, B. Dipman, A. Johnson. Second Row: M. Hilstrom, H. Philbert, N. Nordrum, B. Walstrand, B. Ranheim, E. Soli, H. Firnau, B. Burgess, J. Mugge, M. Lindstrom, J. Curbelo, M. Kadlec, . Crewe, K. Dooley. Third Row: A. Wodyla, C. Ayers, B. Rebuhn, A. Passe, J. Marron, L. Clausen, T. Christian, C. Panton, A. Wilter, M. Pettus, M. Kuehn, A. WIegand, T. Bolduc. Back Row: Coach W. Kaari, J. Mayer, N. Wegener, D. Tennebaum, A. Sargent, T. Crowsheart, R. Ries, P. Nelson, N. Jones, C. Jensen, D. Virnig, J. Rowland, P. Funmaker, M. Thompson, L. MIlcarek, K. Moore, A. McCray, G. Spears, Coach C. Canham.

South opened the Cross Country season with one of the larger teams in school history.  Warren Kaari and Craig Canham looked to keep things rolling and defend their conference title

The team participated in four non-conference meets.  At the Anoka Rum River Invitational, the Tigers finished in first place.  At the Elk River meet, South finished third.  At the Apple Valle Eagle Invitational, the team finished in fifth place.  The Tigers finished in seventh place at Monticello.

South took the non-conference meets in preparation for their three most important meets of the season, the Conference Meet, the Region Meet and the State Meet.

At the Conference Meet, the Tigers claimed the title for the third consecutive year.  Unfortunately, the individual results were not reported.

At the Region Meet, South again claimed the title and advanced to the State Meet.  Again, the individual results were not reported.

At the State Meet, the Tigers expected to finish in the top half, but had to settle for 11th place.