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1991-1992 School Year

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After the wrestlers had finished arguing over their daily question of “who is the best,” There was an obvious seriousness that took over.  The wrestlers like to have fun with their sport, but they did not see it as a joke.  Practice was described as “strenuous” by junior Felix Nguyen.  “We work hard to get and stay fit.  There is no rest at practice.  It is a hard sport to stay in condition for.”

Practices began with running and then a lot of wrestling.  They went over past mistakes from recent meets, and learned and went over new moves and techniques. 

“The main reason for such tiring practices is to gain mental toughness,” said senior co-captain Erik Pettersen.  The mental part of wrestling was an important part.  “If you think you will lose, you will,” said junior Anthony Sargent. 

Senior John Pena said of wrestling, “It is an individual sport, so there is no one to blame if you lose.  It is cool to see yourself progress as the season goes on.  I also like meeting people from other schools at competition.”

Freshman Ahmad Shabazz enjoys wrestling because, “I love the competition!”

During the season, South tied for 3rd place with a 3-3 record.  They began the season with a 51-10 loss to North.  They came back and won the next two matches, 40-25 against Washburn and 46-22 against Roosevelt.  The Tigers then lost 35-29 to Edison and 38-25 to Southwest.  They ended the season with a 67-8 victory against Henry.

Four wrestlers made the state tournament.  Junior John Pena finished the highest in the history of South, placing 6th.  Junior Jesse Moyer and Freshmen Ahmad Shabazz and Mustafa Shabazz also made the State Tournament.