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1991-1992 School Year

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As defending conference champion, the Tigers had a big target on their back.  Head Coach Joe McGinness has been in this situation before.  Helping him defend the title was assistant coach Tricia Dornisch.

South opened the defense of their title against Roosevelt.  Like all conference opponents, the Teddies showed they were out for a win.  One goal separated the two teams with the Tigers winning 1-0.

Washburn and South tangled in the second game of the season.  Again one goal separated the teams.  This time, the Millers won 2-1.

South played two easier games.  First they defeated North 8-0.  That was followed by a 5-0 win over Henry.

Next came Southwest.  The Lakers and Tigers have a history of close games.  Again, one goal separated the two teams.  Southwest won 2-1.

The first half ended with a 16-0 win over Edison.

The second half began with a 4-0 win over Roosevelt.  Washburn and South fought back and forth for 90 minutes. No one scored and the game ended in a 0-0 tie. North fell for the second time, 3-1.  Henry also lost 6-0. 

In a high scoring game, South and Southwest combined for nine goals.  One goal separated the teams Southwest won for the second time, 5-4.  The conference season ended with a 12-0 win over Edison.

In non-conference games, the Tigers won one, lost two, and tied one.  The win was a 1-0 victory over Totino Grace. In a return game, the two teams tied 1-1.  The losses were 9-0 to Bloomington Jefferson and 1-0 to Minnehaha Academy.