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1987-1988 Season
1987-1988 Combined Team Photo: Front Row: T. Borgendale, I. Manthe, J. Freeman, C. Bartholomew, L. Grow, M. Back, W. Berry, E. MacLaughlin, S. Schnofield, L. Weibert, K. Beach. Second Row: S. Smith, E. Anthony, E. Petterson, C. Junker, A. Cohen, K. Hanlen, M. Anderson, G. Larkin, B. Scholl, M. Bispula. Third Row: L. Petterson, E. Martinson, M. Foster, B. Schalet, R. Dom, B. Bemerest, D. Forester, J. Rossow, Coach W. Kaari. Back Row: J. Benninghoff, G. Dyles, S. Lanstad, E. Beise, M. Swanson, D. Dittrich, J. Makasco, D. Rafferty, E. Brown, B. Mack.

The 1988 South Yearbook described those women who run cross country as “psycho.”  The Yearbooks said, “To many of us, the mere thought of running seven miles or more is enough to make us rush home and veg out in front of the T.V. with the favorite sugar-soaked cereal for a snack.”  This was not meant as disrespect, but as a sign of dedication for those who return every day, year after year, to compete. 

Unfortunately, there was only once meet reported, and that is the Minneapolis City Conference Meet.  Ironically, the team standings were exactly the same as last season, when Roosevelt finished first, South second, Washburn, third and Southwest, fourth.  Edison, Henry and North did not have enough players for a team score.  Laura Grow placed forth.  She was the best Tiger finisher.  Michelle Beck, Tove Borgendale, Ingrid Manthe, and Kara Beach were the other point scorers for South.