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1986-1987 School Year
1986-1987 Varsity Basketball Team: S. Sorenson, K. Griffin, N. Schutt, J. Hanson, M. Ness, C. Patterson, K. Wilson, L. Van Dusartz.

The 1986-1987 Tiger Women’s Basketball team was extremely young.  Head Coach Gordy Halloran stated part way through the season that, “They’re starting to play like seniors…,” according to a quote in the 1987 Yearbook.  That was meant as a compliment to the team who did not have one senior on the roster.

Co-captain Kenya Wilson also stated in the yearbook that, “We’re doing well with only eight players.  We’re a young tam so the more we play, the more experience will come.

The team ended the conference season with a 9-3 record, finishing in second place.  The opening conference game was against North.  The inexperience showed, as the Polars routed the Tigers 59-39.  The team bounced back and defeated southwest 46-34 and then destroyed Henry 60-28.

Edison was the next opponent.  The Tigers should have won but the Tommies were up for the game.  The game was a back and forth affair.  Edison won in the closing seconds 40-39.   Again, the Tigers were not kept down.  Washburn and Roosevelt were easily beaten by scores of 41-24 and 69-29 respectively to finish off the first half of the conference season.

The second half started against North.  The Polars would eventually become the Conference champion.  This game was much like the first game, The Polars won 53-40.

After this loss, the Tigers went on a five game winning streak.  Southwest, who finished in third place, put up a good fight.  The Tigers won a low-scoring game by a slim 27-24 score.  The Patriots were next on the list.  They were beaten by 32 points, 53-21!

Next came Edison, who handed the Tigers their second loss of the season.  The Tommies won only four games all conference season.  The Tigers were ready for revenge, beating the Tommies 51-36.  The Millers were baked by a 55-28 score and the Teddies were doubled up on 54-27.

Two non-conference games that were reported were against St. Paul schools.  The Tigers won both, beating Central 31-26 and Como Park 57-34.