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1983-1984 Season
1983-1984 Team Photo: Front Row: Huong Phi, Laura Leinam, Debbie Shankey, Bridget Bilbro, Meera Dhanalal, Assistant Coach Due Phi. Standing: Head Coach George Beske, Betsy Fahr, Cindy Wood, Heidi Beske, Andrea Franchett, Shelly Jesse, Nina Ackerberg, Jennifer Johnston, Ashley Dahl, Sally Day, Ashley Hamilton, Kirsten Budolfson, Julie Eveslage.

After a successful last season, the Tigers took a step backward.  The team no only battled their opponents but also had to overcome the flu, which seemed to hit every players during the season.  Co-captain Nina Ackerberg said, according to the 1984 South Yearbook, that “…we were missing at least one player at every match.”  At some of the matches, there were more than one missing.

South opened the conference season with a 7-0 win over North.  The flu then began to take its toll.  A close 4-3 match went in favor of Edison.  Washburn, Roosevelt and Southwest all beat the Tigers by 7-0 scores.

South finished the season on a positive note with a 4-3 win over Henry.

The Tigers finished with a 2-4 conference record, in fifth place.  George Beske again served as the Head Coach.  He was assisted by Due Phi.