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1982-1983 School Year
1982-1983 Team Photo: Front Row: Sean Mulcahy, Aaron Landsman, Tony Capra, Tim Peter, Dan Feehan, Steve Clute, Manfred Kegg, David Simpson. Middle Row: Tim Johnson, Carl Froelich, John Deluney, Eggy Farmer, Kyle Vleven, Bryn Peterson, Ron Ott. Doug Johnson, Terry Bohach, Steve Hanson. Back Row: Coach Canham, Peter Hillman, Ezell Voeltz, Scott Stordahl, Bill Sundell, Lloyd Aldrich, Eric Belton, Josh Bunker, Eric Jorgensen, Coach Kaari.

As was surmised at the end of last season, with the closing of three Minneapolis high schools, the number interested in cross country would increase, and did it increase.  The number was at 26, more than three times the number of runners last season.  There was also an addition of a second coach.  Joining Warren Kaari on the coaching staff was Craig Canham.

Unfortunately, only the result of one meet was reported, the Conference Meet.  In the new seven-member conference, South finished third.  Three runners placed in the top 15, gaining them All-Conference Honors.  Scott Stordahl finished fifth, Eric Belton finished eighth, and Josh Bunker finished 15th.