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1982-1983 School Year
1982-1983 Varsity Team Photo: Front Row: Rich Romano, Rodney Lossow, Tim Smith, Randy Greeler. Second Row: Coach Joe Arnold, Scott Kittleson, Nick Psihos, Randy Howes, Mark Pitzer, Mike White, Chuck, DeMeres, Bruce Campion, Coach Levain Carter, Head Coach Maurice Webert. Third Row: John Femster, Tony Stewart, Rob Hansen, Leon Mungar, Eric Brandt, Jasen Benson, Dennis Stelton, Harold Woodward. Back Row: John Scott, Jeff Schuda, Art Slaughter, Dan Ungurian, Josh Purple, Scott Jeffrey, Trent Williams, Don Peterson, Scott Quam. Not Pictured: Dale Adams, Ross Colby, Mike Connelly, Charles Davis, Ricky Folker, Robert Goodsell, Dave Gundel, Jeff Halbert, Darrin Hanson, Harold Hinrichs, Paul Higgens, Dan LaRonge, Mike Pearl, Drake Ritchie, Randy Rogers, Bob Schneider, Chris Stickney, Ernest Trimble, John Westby.

A lot of changes took place before the 47 players took the field to open practice in August.  First, the Tigers needed a new head coach.  Former assistant coach Maurice Webert was hired to take the reigns of the team.  Secondly, the Minneapolis City Conference had a new look.  With the closure of four high schools, the conference now only consisted of seven teams.  Because of this, in order to fill out schedules, schools had to play at least one, if not two non-conference games.

Added to these changes, came new attendance boundaries which added players from the four closed schools to the rosters of all of the schools.  In some situations, it was possible that people who played for one of the existing schools would be force to attend a different school.

Added to these changes were a completely new coaching staff.  Joe Arnold, Levain Carter, Dick Gromesh and Gordy Halloran joined Head Coach Webert.  According to the 1983 South Yearbook, co-captain Rodney Lossow said, “All in all this year was tough.  New players, new coaches, and a new style of football to learn.”

South opened the season against Washburn.  Washburn dominated the Tigers and won 15-0.  A second straight shutout of the Tigers occurred when South took on North.  The Polars played even tougher than the Millers.  South lost a second game 20-0.

South took on Henry for the Tigers’ Homecoming.  The defense played better, allowing only one touchdown.  Unfortunately for the Tigers, they did not score, thus being shutout for the third straight game, 8-0.

South finally got on the scoreboard against Edison, but one touchdown was not enough to defeat the conference champions.  The Tommies won 27-8.

Roosevelt and South squared off in the next game.  This close game saw the Tigers lose their fifth game of the season.  The final score was 13-12.

The last conference game of the season was against Southwest.  The two rivals fought for four quarters, with the Tigers winning their only conference game of the season 14-6.

South then played a non-conference game against Centennial.  Centennial was winning the entire game.  With three seconds to play, Leon Mungar scored and gave the win to South.

The Tigers ended the season 1-5 in the Minneapolis conference and 2-5 over-all.  Rodney Lossow was named All-Conference and All-State.  He was given a scholarship to play football for the University of Wisconsin.