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1980-1981 School Year
1980-1981 Varsity Women’s Basketball Team: Front Row: Melanie Frazier, Manager Ken Oquist, Head Coach Don Sovel, Tanya McDavid. Middle Row: Annette Jeffrey, Brenda Aguilar, Donna Lantz, Val Stand. Back Row: Desi Rojas, Karen Brezinka, Marlo Roseneau, Nora Strand.

The 1980-1981 women’s basketball team was under a new coaching staff.  Heading the staff was Don Sovell.  He was assisted by JV coach Pam Finch.

It was tough playing on this year’s team due to the lack of players.  Although the team was small, they never lost their enthusiasm for the game.

The conference season began on December 4 in a game against Central.  The Pioneers dominated the Tigers by a 51-21 score.  The Tigers won their first game of the year against West four days later.  In a close game, South won 50-44.

Washburn dominated the Tigers on Dec. 11, almost identically to what Central did, winning 51-2.  One week later, Roosevelt also won, but by a very slim 31-29 score.

After Winter Break, the South team beat the Polars from North  42-35.  Southwest dominated the Tigers 58-25.  Henry won 53-28. Finishing off the first half of the conference season, Edison defeated the Tigers by one point, 28-27.

The second round started as the first round did, losing to Central, but by a closer 37-25 score and then winning against West 40-28. Washburn also won 41-25. 

South then turned the tables on Roosevelt, avenging the earlier loss, winning 58-53.  South again defeated North 34-29. Southwest won 42-27 and enry won 46-38.  Ending the regular conference season, the Tigers defeated the Tommies 42-41 in a very close game that came down to the closing seconds.

The JV finished with a 5-11 record.  The defeated Central and West twice each and split their two games with Roosevelt. Washburn, North, Henry Edison and Southwest swept the two games from the Tigers.