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1973-1974 School Year
1973-1974 Team Photo: Front Row: Steve Moe, Earl Smith, Rich Melander, Richard Garland. Back Row: Bill Fintel, Val Johnson, Mie Zimmer, Tim Seelhoff, Frank Abrahamson, Coach Warren Kaari.

As the Tigers prepared for the up-coming season, Coach Warren Kaari created the most grueling schedule in history of Tiger Cross Country.  Twelve dual meets in addition to the Conference Meet would hopefully push the team to greater heights.

South opened the season against Roosevelt.  The Tigers edged out the Teddies 27-28.  Against Washburn, the Tigers evened their record with another close meet, 23-32.  South then demolished North 18-45.

The season took a turn for the worse when South lost five straight meets.  First was a non-conference meet against St. Pal Harding, where the team from across the river won 27-28.  Southwest beat up the Tigers 15-44.  West followed with the third straight Tiger loss, 24-31.  Edison also won 21-40.  A non-conference meet against River Falls, WI ended the streak with the Wisconsinites winning 19-42.

The Tigers turned the corner and defeated Marshall-University 22-35, but lost to Henry 19-42.  South finished the season on a high note, defeating both Central, 24-31, and Vocational, 15-45.

South finished the dual meet season with a 5-5 conference record and a 5-7 overall record.

The disappointing season ended with a seventh place finish at the Conference Meet.  Richard Garland was the only South runner to place in the top 20.  He finished 18th.  The Conference Meet also was the District 17 meet, which determined which teams would advance to the Region Meet.