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1973-1974 School Year
1973-1974 Varsity Women’s Basketball Team: Back Row: Coach Mrs. Elaine Ferris, Nancy Johnson, Laura Tomplin, Julie Richards, Darlene Barna, Barb Carroll, Sheryl Lossow, Mary Schneider, Joanne Bronson, Assistant Coach Zack Dunlap. Front Row: Betty Town, Karen Nadeau, Kathy Bogren, Debbie Chicilo, Andrea Lenzen, Cheryl Skrypez, Brenda Wolf, Sandy Kirk. Not Pictured: Norma Westbury

After a 65 year absence, Women’s Basketball returned as an interscholastic sport organized and sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League.  This was a result of the newly passed Federal Law known at Title IX. 

The 1974 yearbook lists South as playing four games in their “inaugural” season.  South defeated Roosevelt 34-14.  They also squeaked by West by one point, 32-31. 

Washburn defeated the Tigers 34-16.  Marshall-University also beat South 54-14!

The team was coached by Elaine Ferris.  Ms. Ferris was assisted by Zack Dunlap.