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1948-1949 School Year
1948-1949 Varsity Team Photo: Back Row: E. Knoblauch, B. Benson, L. Johnson, W. Stolson, R. Lindberg, G. Lindberg. Middle Row: R. Larson, V. Peterson, A. Pufell, J. Skarupa, J. Schaffer, K. Sundstrom. Front Row: D. Vatne, D. Bino, D. Morrow, B. Johnson, D. Swanson

For the third season in a row, the Minneapolis schools would not play a complete round robin.  South did not play Southwest or West this season. 

South opened the season against Vocational.  South believed this was an easy win.  To date, Vocational had only one win in the 13 times the two schools played.  However, the unthinkable happened.  Vocational not only beat the Tigers, but they won easily, 51-41!

Washburn was the next opponent.  South hoped to tie the all-time record with a win.  Washburn led the all-time series 12-11.  But, when bad things happen, they really happen.  Washburn won 45-39, giving the Tigers an 0-2 start to the season.

The Tigers next took on Henry, who they had a 5-2 record against.  The Tigers made it 6-2 with a 59-40 win.

North leads the all-time series against South 20-19 (there is one game that we do not know the results).  South was against trying to even the series, but North took the game 47-39.

South leads the all-time series with Roosevelt, 23-10.  Roosevelt cut into that lead winning this year 40-33.

South also leads the all-time series with Marshall, 18-10.  Like with Roosevelt, South had no luck against Marshall this season.  Marshall won 55-41.

South then took on Edison.  The all-time series between the two schools was tied at 17, so the winner would take the lead.  Both team want the win.  They played a very close game, with South winning 35-34.

Central holds the all-time series record against South, 23-20.  This game, like with Edison, was very close.  Both schools fought hard and tried to win.  In the end, Central won by one point, 40-39.

South played Washburn in the District 17 Tournament.  Washburn was one of the Tri-champions of the conference, so it seemed as if it would be a long day for the Tigers.  And, it was.  Washburn advanced in the Tournament with a 47-37 win.  South’s season ended with this loss.