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1945-1946 School Year
1945-1946 Varsity Team Photo: Players names were not listed in the 1946 South Yearbook.

The War is over and the players who fought in the war started coming home.  This improved not just South but the entire Minneapolis conference.  With the conference much improved, that means Coach Luther Mona’s players will have to work even harder to be successful.

The Tigers opened the conference season against Southwest.  Since joining the conference, Southwest has improved every year.  The improved so much that they earned the first ever win over the Tigers in a close 28-26 game.

The Tigers lost another close game, this time to longtime foe North.  The four point game gave the Polars a 23-19 win.

South gained its first win against Vocational. Vocational has only won once in history against South.  This game was much like the others, with the Tigers outplaying the Volts 31-18.

Marshall was the next foe and they completely caged the Tigers.  Marshall’s 34-20 win was one of the worst losses of the season.

The Patriots game the Tigers a very close game.  This one was back and forth with the team that scored last winning.  That team was South, 32-31.

Central also played a close game with the Tigers.  Again the Tigers won, this time 36-32.  It would be the last win of the season for the Tigers.

South would end the conference season with a four game losing streak.  Roosevelt won 30-23.  Edson won a close game 32-31.  West gave the Tigers their worst bearing of the season in a 49-33 win.  Washburn and South played close but the Millers won 27-24.