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1922-1923 School Year

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With a new season always comes new obstacles.  First, there were two new teams, Roosevelt and Edison.  Second, according to the 1923 South Yearbook, South did not have a coach!  The runners coached themselves!

South took on North in the first meet of the season.  South easily won 30-19.  Joe Wexman won the race in 15:15.00.  Fisher, Oas, and Curtis finished second, third and fourth!

Against Central, the two teams ran very close.  South pulled off their second win of the season, 28-17.  Wexman won again.  Fisher, Curtis and Oas were third, fifth and seventh.

South and West faced off.  Again, South came home with the win, 29-26.  Even though a West runner took first, South claimed second, third, fifth and sixth.  Wexman, Curtis, Fisher and Oas finished in this order.  Oas may have been the most heroic effort of the season running with a stone bruise of his foot!

South faced East in the next meet and claimed the first four spots.  Fisher took first place, Curstis was second, Oas third and Wexman fourth.  St. Aubin and Whitely placed seventh and ninth.  South won 40-15.

For the first time, South faced Roosevelt.  South claimed the first six places, Wexman, Fisher, Curtis, Oas, St. Aubins, and Whitely were followed by Mitler who finished eighth.  South won 77-48.

The last meet of the season was against the other new school, Edison.  This meet was closer than the Roosevelt one, but South still won 35-30 and claimed the conference title undefeated.  Wexman claimed first place, followed by Fisher, second, Oas, third, St. Aubin, fifth, and Whitely, ninth.

This was South’s second conference championship in three years.