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1922-1923 School Year
1922-1923 Varsity Team Photo: Players names were not listed in the 1923 yearbook

Basketball is the youngest of all the major sports in Minneapolis High School sports.  This year, the “Original Five” had some new competition, Three new Minneapolis High Schools, Edison, Roosevelt and Vocational, joined the fray.  Each of these new schools presented new challenges to the existing schools.

The Tigers opened the season against a non-conference opponent, Semitiex.  The Semitix five were too much for the Tigers and they won 26-11.

The conference season opened with South playing East.  South held the lead during the entire game until the end when East tie the game.  The two teams needed an overtime before South’s Clarence Mitby hit the winning shot and the Tigers won 23-21.

The second game against East was much easier for the Tigers.  East cound not solved the South offense and the Tigers won 34-16.

The first game against Roosevelt was interesting because the five Roosevelt starters made up last year’s South Freshman team!  South, with its more-experienced players easily won the first game, 38-16.  The second game between the two teams was almost identical to the first.  South won 34-16.

South and their rival, North played their first game at South.  North was one of the early favorites to win the conference title, but the Tigers vanquished those hopes with a 39-12 win.  The Polars exacted revenge in the second game showing why they were an early pick to win the title.  North won 25-10.  This game, at North, is said to have been the cleanest game of the year.  The referee commented on the clean play of both teams. 

The second new entrant, Edison was next on the schedule.  The Tigers won the first game 28-15.  In the second game, The Tigers amassed 37 points, winning by 12.  Final Score 37-25.

South defeated West in their first game rather easily.  South poured on the points, winning 39-16.  However, the second game against West was extremely challenging for the Tigers.  This game tied a world mark for time.  Two famous college teams play four extra periods in 1916.  This stood until South and West equaled the mark in 1923.  South barely won, 24-23!

During the regular season, South and Central split their two games.  The first game, play at Central, was one of the fastest and hardest games of the season.  It was only in the last minute that Central pulled out the victory, 21-19.  The second game, at South, played February 27, marks the hardest played game ever on a high school floor.  Again the two teams battled and the score ended with the identical 21-19 result.  However, this time South won! 

The last conference team, and the last newest team, Vocational, was no challenge for the Tigers in either game.  In the first game, South won 36-10.  In the second game, South scored, and scored, and scored. South scored so much that they set a single game scoring record for most points in a high school basketball game at 50 points! Vocational only scored six points!

At the end of the season, the Tigers tied for the conference championship, thus setting up a third game with Central to see who would represent Minneapolis in the Twin City game.  This game was played at the University Armory, a neutral site.  The floor was larger than the Tigers practiced and played their games.  Some say this gave Central an advantage, but both teams played on the same floor.  Central won the game 21-12 and represented Minneapolis in the Twin City game.

Three players were named to the all-conference squad as chosen by the city newspaper sport writers.  Gordon Thompson was one of the forwards, George Tuttle was named the center and Malvin Nydahl was a guard.  Ray Jepson was named to the second team All-Conference squad and Clarence Mitby gained an honorable mention.