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1909-1910 School Year
1909-1910 Varsity Team Photo: Front Row: Zahner, Johnson. Second Row: Farnquist, Gulden, Peterson, Savage, Curtain. Third Row: Sanborn, Lundeen, Newman, Sterner. Back Row: Low, Coach Kjelland, Sandy, Lund

This season, the South football team was poised to challenge for the City title.  The season began with not one, but two coaches, Carleton Burrier and Josepha A. Kjelland.  Both coaches were the team’s leader in the past.  This season, Mr. Burrier served as the Head Coach and Mr. Kjelland served as the Assistant Coach.

The season began with the game against the Alumni.  The Alumni put up a good fight, but in the end, a lack of practice and teamwork gave South their first win of the season, 15-5.

The next game was against the Minneapolis Athletic Club.  This team gave very little competition to the Orange and Black, falling 42-5.

South then played Mechanic Arts High School from St. Paul.  The St. Paulites put up a better fight than the Athletic Club, but again they fell.  South won 23-12.

Before the game against Central, the South captain left the team for unknown reasons.  South was devastated by this loss, and Central took advantage of South’s despair and won 22-5.

The Orange and Black bounced back against North.  On paper, North had the better team.  They were much heavier and more powerful.  South however played as a team and won by a slim 11-6 score.

The next game, against East, was described in the following manner in the 1910 South Yearbook, “Both teams came on the field with like determination to win and a battle royal was on.  South’s stick-together spirit again showed and brought victory. “The credit for a 5-0 win goes to Peterson, who sat on one East player and pulled Savage from the arms of another East tackler.  Savage then ran for the only touchdown of the game.

For the second time ever, South then took on West.  All of South expected an easy win, but no one told that to West.  The game was played in rain.  West, who was heavier than South, used their size to push South around in the muddy field.  South was shocked and upset by West, 10-6.

South finished the season with a 5-2 overall record, 2-2 in the City Conference, tied with Central for second place.  West, in their second season on the football field, won the title with a 3-0-1 record.  Four players were honored by the Minneapolis Tribune as All-City players.  Gulden and Savage were named to the first team.  Farnquist and Zahmer were named to the second team.