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1903-1904 School Year
1903-1904 Varsity Team Photo: Players' names were not listed in the 1904 South Yearbook

Gilmore Dobie was a name the football players at South never heard until they stepped onto the field for the first practice of the season in September.  Mr. Dobie was the sixth coach in the eight years of South football.

South opened the season with a game which has become an annual tradition.  South took on the former South players in the South-Alumni game.  The results of this game have not been reported.

South then took on the team from St. Paul Central.  South completely dominated the St. Paul team and won 28-0.

South and East was the first game in the City South would play.  According to the 1904 South Yearbook, “The East Side boys …gave no signs of giving up.  South High made their gains by line plunges, using her heavy linemen to tear up the Crimson defense.”  South lost two fumbles inside East’s 25-year line. At about the 10 minute mark, Berg broke through the East line, shook off tackles and scored a 40 yard touchdown.  Berg added a 45 yard touchdown run.  Berg eventually scored a third touchdown.   The Black and Orange played a brilliant game and on 16-6.

South then was scheduled to play Central.  The Minneapolis newspapers were hyping the game and even suggested South had no chance because of their many fumbles.  However, the game was never played.  Central forfeited the game.  Earlier in the season, four Central players were declared ineligible.  The Central team cancelled rest of the season in protest and their coach, Mr. Merrill resigned! The final score was officially recorded as 2-0.

South then took on North on November 20.   Both teams were undefeated in the City, having beaten both East and Central. The 2004 South Yearbook reported that fans for both teams began showing up for the game at the North field.    South took the opening kick-off but was forced to punt.  North seemed to move the ball at will, getting to the South 8 year line.  North turned the ball over on downs and did not score.  The teams exchanged the ball frequently. When the first half ended, neither team had scores.

The second half began as the first ended.  The teams kept exchanging puts.  South seemed to gain yardage every time the punts occurred.  Finally, as the game was nearing an end, South’s Berg punted inside the North 10 yard line.  North fumbled the ball and South recovered.  Berg carried the ball three yards.  The next play he gained five. South still needed two yard. The 2004 South Yearbook described the next two plays as follows, “You could not even hear the breathing of the crowd as the next signal was called and the mighty Berg again retired behind the line. The North High team was now fighting like demons and every man was a host in himself.  Encouraged by their rooters, they sprang into the scrimmage like tigers and held, the ball was now less than an inch from being over.  It was South High’s last chance and again the mighty Berg was called behind the line.  Once again he was hurled against that team of mad men and as he hit the line he was straightened out, a final shove and the ball was over the coveted goal, winning the game and the championship…..”

The final was 5-0 in favor of the Black and Orange. South won the City championship with a 3-0 record.

After the season, a number of players were honored by the Minneapolis Tribune as City All-Star team.  Berg and Ostrand were named to the first team.  Chesnut, Johnson and Larson were named to the second team.