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Where is counseling?

Finding us isn't too difficult, if you take the north stairwell to the second floor. 

The two south stairwells, immediately off the commons, are not the most direct route. Instead, go beyond the main office to the far end of the building. You'll find the north stairwell next to the elevator. At top of the stairs, turn left to get to room 247 B. Turn right to get to room 247 A. 

We are housed in two offices:

  • Room 247 A - Counselors with the A-L part of the alphabet:  Lauren Lewis, Marsha Gaulke, Marie Hassell and clerk Richard Palmquist
  • Room 247 B - Counselors with the M-Z part of the alphabet: Jackie Vertigan, Don Dilla, Farah Abulqalbeen  and clerks Renee Magney and Nyia Vang. 


‚ÄčThe College and Career Center is located in room 246. The Coordinators there help all students! 

Staff can guide you.