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Public Website Directory Updated
Monday, October 10, 2016 8:00 PM


A few notes about the Web Directory:

  • It’s on the homepage, in the right sidebar, under "Contact Us" (Also accessible via the contact icon at top of the page.)
  • This is the external/public directory for families and students. (The internal/non-public staff directory is managed by Nora Wessling.)
  • Your directory listing can link to a web page:
    • See a name in bold? Click it. That will take you to that person’s web page.
    • If you have a web page not yet linked to your name, please reply with the url.
    • If you do not have a web page, please contact Media Specialist Deb Snell. She’ll set you up with access.
  • Sort directory headings:
    • Click the header “Title” to sort all positions, Looking for all English teachers, all security staff, all social workers? Click the header, positions by title will be grouped together.
    • The directory alphabetizes by last name, but it can also alphabetized by first name by clicking the “Email” header. Say you just met a staff member named Joe, but not sure if it’s Joe Hyser or Joe Henry? Simply sort the “Email” column.
    • Same for room numbers. Sort “Room,” and find folks who all share the same floor, or area of the building.
      • Note, due to space limitations in this field, room numbers for teachers may be limited to just their first hour room. However, feel free to reply with all room numbers, if you'd like all your room locations included.