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Syllabus: French I, 2013-14
Bienvenue à la classe de français!
Professeur: Madame Kafkas                                                  E-mail:
Room 337                                                                            Voice mail: 612-692-0668
I. Course Description (Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for French I)
Students build a foundation of knowledge of the French language and culture as they:
          Develop an understanding of French through guided and independent practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.
          Create a knowledge base of French vocabulary and grammar structures through the reading and writing of simple short stories, letters, magazines and other real-life texts.
          Examine French-speaking cultures and their social practices (music, food, popular media)
          Explore the unique and interesting perspectives, practices, and products of the culture and develop awareness of different worldviews.
          Make connections with French-speaking and other cultures by exploring their similarities and differences.
         Expand language learning strategies to maintain a life-long interest in world languages and multiple cultures at home and around the world.
         Discover connections with other subjects whenever possible (geography, art, and math/science).
II.        Course Expectations
Please have the following materials you need to do academic work:
·         1 notebook for French ONLY (you will be keeping permanent notes)
·         1 folder for French ONLY
·         Pen or pencil w/eraser
·         French textbook (provided in class)
·         Optional: French-English dictionary and 3” x 5” index cards (to make flash cards for vocabulary & verb practice)
Text & Readings:
French Textbook (Bien dit Level 1) & other books will be used in class.  Please help keep them in good condition. Every student will have online access to the textbook. Textbooks can be checked out upon request.
Tiger PRIDE Expectations:
Ponctualité—Soyez à l’heure! Come to class on time and prepared to learn.
RespectRespectez les autres! Be respectful of yourself, others, and property.
IntégritéSoyez honnête! Do the right thing and be intellectually honest.
DisciplineAyez de la discipline! Do quality work, come to class prepared, show self
EffortFaites un gros effort! Strive to do your best. Speak up if you have concerns or   
Classroom Policies:
·         Please DO observe the Tiger PRIDE expectations. (see above)
·         Please DO provide a SAFE SPACE FOR LEARNING by treating others with respect.
·         Please DO demonstrate self control.
·         Please DO NOT eat in the classroom.
·         Please DO NOT put your head down during class.
·         Please DO NOT wear fragrances or sprays. Fragrances= scented lotions, body sprays, perfumes, and room sprays. See your student handbook for South’s statement on fragrances.
·         Please DO NOT use cell phones or other electronic devices during class time (unless the teacher permits it for educational use only). Keep them turned off and out of sight. The MPS responsible use personal electronics policy will apply (MPS Policy 5210). Inappropriate use of your electronic device will result in warnings first, then confiscation (oh là là!!).
Consequences for disruptive or disrespectful behavior will follow a three step process:
  1. A communication from Madame such as, but not limited to: a stern look, a loud clearing of the throat, a tap on the shoulder or head if your head is down, or an announcement like “I need everyone’s attention” or “I’d like anyone using a cell phone or headphones to put them away please.”
  2. You will be directly given a request such as, but not limited to: you’ll be asked to stop whatever it is that you’re doing, asked to move to another seat, or asked to take a moment in the hall. In the case of cell phones or headphones, I will ask you for your device.
  3. If you choose not to respect Madame’s request, your parent or guardian will be called, you will get a referral which goes on to administration, and/or you may not be in class for the rest of the day. In the case of cell phones and headphones, if you give Madame the device without disrupting class instruction, you will get it back at the end of the hour. If you involve the whole class by arguing, Madame will likely keep it until the end of the day or turn it in to the office. If you refuse, Madame will contact your parent/guardian and write a referral.
*Discipline issues are a real bummer because they slow down learning for the entire class, they leave a negative feeling in the classroom and if you are the perpetrator of the negative behavior, you probably aren’t feeling good about acting like that anyway! So please try your best to be your authentic self and act in a way that shows integrity and respect to yourself and others.
III.   Grading Information
Grading policy:
Assignments                                    20%
Participation & Class Activities        20%
Quizzes                                            20%
Tests & projects                               40%
Grading scale:
93-100%                     A                            77-79                    C+
90-92                          A-                           73-76                    C
87-89                          B+                          70-72                    C-
83-86                          B                             67-69                   D+
80-82                          B-                            63-66                   D
                                                                   60-62                   D-
                                                                   Below 60%          F
Make up and late work policies:
Excused absences: You may make up assignments, tests, and quizzes for full credit within 2-3 school days (more time may be allowed for extended absences). You will need to make up tests and quizzes after school.
Unexcused absences: Assignments, tests and quizzes may be made up for half credit (50%).
Late assignments: receive half credit (50%).
IV.              Participation & Attendance
How can you improve your language skills and succeed in the class? Attend class every day, be on time, participate in class activities, and make a real effort to speak French with your classmates and the teacher!  You will receive 5 points each day for being on time, participating fully, and for being a positive class contributor (e.g, not disruptive). If you have an unexcused tardy (i.e., no pass), 2 participation points will be subtracted from your daily total. If you have an absence that is unexcused you will not earn the participation points for that day. If you have an absence that is excused, you may earn the points by making up the work in a timely manner (2-3 days). 
V. Minneapolis World Language Standards included in this course: 
Goal 1: Communicate in a new language (for us this is French).
Goal 2: Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
Goal 3: Connect with other disciplines and acquire information.
Goal 4: Develop insight into the nature of language and culture.
Goal 5: Participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.
VI.              Academic Honesty Policy
Academic dishonesty in any portion of the academic work will result in a grade of “0” on that work.
Academic dishonesty includes (but is not limited to) cheating on assignments or examinations, plagiarizing (misrepresenting as one’s own anything done by another), submitting the same or substantially similar papers (or creative work).
Acceptable behavior:
  • Asking someone how to do an assignment, or explain a concept
  • Explaining how to do an assignment
  • Comparing answers on an assignment to make sure you understood the concept
  • Using a dictionary, translation software or website to translate a word)
Unacceptable behavior:
  • Copying answers from someone else
  • Having someone else do your work, supply you with the answers, doing their work, or supplying answers
  • Using translation software or website to translate a phrase, sentence, multiple phrases, or more
  • Copying and pasting from another document without using quotation marks and citing the author
  • Any answer on a test or quiz that comes from a source other than your own mind
  • Using an electronic device during a test or quiz.