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District History Day competition, Saturday


Individual Performance

  • Theo Niesewand - Stonewall Riots

  • Anya Naylor - This is the Army: Taking a Stand to Encourage the Troops during WWII

  • Natasha Otiso - Angela Davis: Taking a stand on violence against Blacks from the early 1960's-1970's

Group Performance

  • Lensa Negasssa, Amira Abukar - Houdini against frauds/psychics

  • Christopher East, Ashlyn Sloan - NY punk scene 1970s-1980s


Individual Documentary

  • Desmond Lafave - Richard Aoki - Black Panthers

  • Sophia Manolis - White Earth Land Settlement Act

  • Siobhan Sullivan - Williams and Walker's Stand Against Stereotypes on Broadway

  • Fathiya Musse - Maya Angelou


Group Documentary

  • Sheyenne Atheneos, Zoe Chinander-McFaul - Grace Jones: Taking a stand against Social Norms

  • Kieran Panning-Miller, Stephan Bethke - The U.S. Taking a Stand Against Communism in Vietnam


Individual Exhibit

  • Jewel Ferguson - Jazz Age/Harlem Renaissance

  • Claire Bentfield - Dorothea Dix

  • Eiset Mebrahtu - Zong massacre - slave ships

  • Billy Andrusko - Muhammad Ali


Group Exhibit

  • Anna Staeheli, Kira Curtis, Elin Olson - Ugly Laws

  • SiSi Mitchell, Ella Kressel - Ida B. Wells

  • Kaiya Woller, Cali Juberian - Radical Feminists

  • Maia King, Greta Lahm - Earthships


Individual Website

  • Solana Cushing - Margaret Sanger's Stand for Women's Reproductive Rights

  • Sophie Hanson - CU Power Line Controversy

  • Sydney Miller - Julia Chase-Brand

  • Madeline Christy - August Wilson: Taking a stand for African Americans in Theatre

  • Nara Coldwater - Juliette Gordon Low

  • Nora Howley - Lillian Gilbreth-Efficiency expert


Group Website

  • Silje Bergland-Drarvik, Rebecca Skow - Duluth Lynchings

  • Amanda Petro, Addie Scott - Fred Korematsu takes a stand against Japanese internment

  • Samara Adam, Henry Holcomb - Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

  • Jasper Anton, Mia Gerold - Prince vs. Warner Brothers

  • Augie Wifler, Miguel Brandao - Battle of Blair Mountain

  • Asanti Bekele, Alexa Carrera-Turcios - Claudette Colvin: Standing for equal treatment on the busses of Montgomery



  • Roan McQuigg - Governor Wallace and the Schoolhouse Door

  • Cameron Ausland - Radium Girls

  • Elliott Askari-Rabe - Jehovah's Witnesses

  • Madeline Mahoney - Jane Hodgson: Standing for Women's Reproductive Rights

  • Mateo Perez - John Carlos: Taking a public stand on racism during the 1968 Olympics

  • Katie Kelbrants -