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School Supplies

All students will need the following basic supplies. On the 1st day of school students are expected to come with a spiral or composition notebook, pocket folder, and writing utensil (pencil or pen). Teachers will inform students of specific items needed for individual classes the first day of school. Students are expected to have the following school supplies no later than the end of the first week of school. Students planners for 9th graders will be provided by the school during the 1st week.

Blue and black pens
#2 pencils with erasers
Colored pencils or markers
2GB flash drive (USB drive)
10 pocket folders Graph paper
Ruler Index cards
Tab dividers (4 sets)
4 - ­3ring binders with pockets
Loose-­leaf paper (college ruled)
Spiral notebook or composition notebook
Collegiate dictionary (home use)
Language dictionary (ie Spanish/English)
Calculator w/trig functions and fraction key (Texas Instruments 30 or Casio FX-­300)
Gym clothes (shorts or sweatpants, t-­shirt, tennis shoes)
Combination lock for gym locker

Nice to have: TI84 calculator, four AAA batteries, locker stand/organizer, pencil/pen pouch, large book bag (no wheels), pocket stapler, tape, glue, poster boards for projects, tissue, and water bottle.

*All prescriptions or medication must be kept in the health office, please contact them for more information.

**Orchestra and band students - your instruments are NOT needed on the first day, your instructor will provide more information during the first week. Now is a good time to get them tuned up and warmed up.