General Information

Finding financial resources is an important part of the college decision process.  Students are encouraged to spend time looking for resources both at the institutions they have applied to (scholarships and grants given by the college itself) and from outside resources (i.e. private scholarships).

There are tons of scholarships out there, you as the student, have to do the hard work of finding the scholarships that match you best and then apply to those. Check for scholarships in the Career & College Center's CCC Happenings or in the file cabinet in the CCC (room 246).  The scholarship search engines on the right-hand sidebar can also connect you to many private scholarships. 


If you have questions about scholarships or financial aid, feel free to contact the Career & College Center  (CCC) at 612-668-4363 or Christina Rates (  Your school counselor can also help you with financial aid or scholarship questions.