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EDUCATIONAL SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST:  The job of the Educational Speech and Language Therapist or Pathologist is to discern if a student is eligible for special education services in any area of communication disability.  Parents or staff at school may identify a student who appears to have difficulty with articulation of speech, concerns about speech fluency, voice concerns, language comprehension concerns or issues with how a student expresses his/her ideas.


Email   Julia.Schoborg@mpls.k12.mn.us

Voicemail    612-668-4300  Ext. 45622



About Me:  Celebrating my 20th year with Minneapolis Public Schools, and 23 years total in Speech and Language Pathology, I am now as excited about the new school year as I was all those years ago.  I LOVE the science of  language acquisition and remediation in all age groups.  One area of specialty is probably in the area of alternative communication systems for adults and children.  I have aquired quite a bit of experience finding communication systems that meet the educational needs of students.  I love combining a classroom teachers ideas, a parents ideas, and my own perspective about how best to bring a student from limited options for communicating to pictured or more advanced technological solutions to optimize their right to communicate in school.  My work requires me to listen to families, case managers, and teachers in order to fo find the best system for a student.

My experience at the high school level here at SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL has led me to a place where language therapy truly culminates in classroom participation.  To the extent that a teacher feels comfortable with the challenge of breaking down curriculum vocabulary for students



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