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Los colores

Flashcards on quizlet to study colors in Spanish. Remember to click  on the sound button.

Ir + a + verb in infinitive

Video tutorial on the structure to communicate a near future. 


Site to practice your Spanish through interactive games.


A site to practice verb conjugation and to print verb charts. Recommended

Stem changing verbs-video clip

Stem-changing verbs with Adele's music

Conjugation of Regular verbs in present tense

Video tutorial on how to conjugate regular verbs in present tense ( You must understand this to move to level ll)

Me gusta part 2 (expression:I like )

Second part of  "Me gusta" tutorial

Me gusta part 1 (expression:I like )

Videotutorial on verb to expression, I like ( me gusta) part 1

Free online  tutorials on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and verb drills. Recommended

Textbook: Realidades 1

On line version of the classroom textbook.

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