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Minneapolis police honor South student for nice save!


When Vinh Holmvig-Johnson rushed the rescue of a person crossing a busy intersection, two Minneapolis Police officers were there to see it all. The South High student had jumped into action, realizing that the man in peril was in a wheelchair that had just broken down. For this act of heroism, Minneapolis Police Department officers came to South High School to recognize Holmvig-Johnson for his quick-thinking and protective regard for a fellow citizen. His efforts earned him a Minneapolis Police Department citizenship award.


"On 9/28 at about 9:30 am Sgt. Annoni and Sgt. Sauvageau of the third precinct noticed a male in a wheelchair stuck in the middle of Lake Street near Snelling Avenue. His electric wheelchair was disabled and the man was stuck in the middle of a busy road, putting him in a dangeorus spot. It appeared the man asked several people for help, but no one was willing to stop. The officers noticed a high school age boy on his bike approach the male and help him across the street even as the light changed, putting his own safety in jeopardy as well to help the man.

Once safely across, the officers were able to catch up to the boy and found he was a student at South High. The man in the wheelchair thanked the student and was very grateful for his help.

The officers commended the student for his good deed. Officer Chard, South High SRO was later contacted to help identify the student. On 9/30, Holmvig-Johnson was presented with an MPD citizen's award by Officers Annoni and Chard for being a good samaritan. "

"Vinh Holmvig-Johnson certainly didn't expect to receive anything for his good deed and was very humbled about receiving the award. This seemed to further exemplify the same character, commmitment to being a good citizen he showed at the time of the incident."    --Officer Adam Chard

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