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Honors Geometry-Advanced Algebra Topics

The schedule for the assignments (and assignments) will be kept on Google Classroom.  Use the code: 4e2vcf to enroll.

This site being updated day-by-day.

Date Section Topic Page(s) Problems
Tue, Mar 13 Probability Independent and Dependent Events WS-01 All
Wed, Mar 14   π-Day    
Thu, Mar 15 Probability Fundamental Counting Principle WS-02 All
Fri, Mar 16 Probability Combinations WS-03 All
Mon, Mar 19 Probability Probability WS-04 All
Tue, Mar 20 Probability Independent and Dependent Events WS-05 All
Wed, Mar 21 Probability Probability Party Planner WS-06 (Worked Out Solutions)
Thu, Mar 22 Probability Celebration of Knowledge    
Fri, Mar 23 Algebra Foundations Solving Equations WS-07 All
Mon, Mar 26 Algebra Foundations Solving for one variable in terms of another WS-08 All
Tue, Mar 27 Algebra Foundations Work in group to complete the questions WS-09  
Wed, Mar 28 Algebra Foundations whole class discussion WS-09  
Thu, Mar 29 Algebra Foundations whole class discussion WS-09  
Mon, Apr 09 Systems of Linear Inequalities Methods of Solving Systems of Linear Equations WS-10 Just the Odd numbered Problems
Tue, Apr 10 Systems of Linear Inequalities Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities WS-11 1-6, 7-17 odd, 20
Wed, Apr 11 Systems of Linear Inequalities Linear Programming WS-12 1-10 all
Thu, Apr 12 Systems of Linear Inequalities Systems of 3 Equations with 3 Unknowns    
Fri, Apr 13 Matrices Systems of 3 Equations with 3 Unknowns WS-13 1-6, 7 & 9 via algebraic method, 10-15 via matricies, 16
Mon, Apr 16   Snow Day    
Tue, Apr 17 Matrices Matrix Arithmetic WS-14 all
Wed, Apr 18 Matrices Solving Systems of Equations via Matrix Inverse Method WS-15 all
Thu, Apr 19 Practice Test   WS-16 all
Fri, Apr 20 Test Systems of Equations and Inequalities WS-17  
Mon, Apr 23 Functions and Transformations Absolute Value WS-18 All
Tue, Apr 24     WS-19  
Wed, Apr 25     WS-20  
Thu, Apr 26     WS-21  
Fri, Apr 27        
Mon, Apr 30     WS-22  
Tue, May 01     WS-23  
Wed, May 02        
Thu, May 03     WS-24  
Fri, May 04     WS-25  
Mon, May 07     Test  
Tue, May 08     WS-27  
Wed, May 09        
Thu, May 10        
Fri, May 11        
Mon, May 14        
Tue, May 15        
Wed, May 16        
Thu, May 17        
Fri, May 18        
Mon, May 21        
Tue, May 22        
Wed, May 23        
Thu, May 24        
Fri, May 25        
Tue, May 29        
Wed, May 30        
Thu, May 31        
Fri, Jun 01        
Mon, Jun 04        
Tue, Jun 05        
Wed, Jun 06        
Thu, Jun 07        
Fri, Jun 08        
Mon, Jun 11        
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