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Syllabus - French 3



Français 3 – Madame Kolstad

Salle: 319

Telephone: 612-668-9028


Course Description: French 3 is a continuation of speaking, writing, listening and reading in French. You will continue to work to understand culture in all French speaking countries. You will connect current events in French speaking countries to your lives and explore the language more fully. 

Prerequisite: Successful completion of two years of high school French, or at least three years of middle school French.


Course Expectations & Grading Information:

Here are the materials that you will need:

  • One notebook for French ONLY-this notebook/journal gets checked for points regularily!
  • One folder for French ONLY
  • Pencil or pen, highlighter(s)
  • Optional but highly recommended:  French-English dictionary
  • French Textbook (provided and kept in class): Must be kept in good condition. Do not write in or otherwise damage your textbook


There will also be other texts that will be checked out to you for which you will be responsible. Please take care of any and all materials! Future students are depending on you not to trash their stuff!



Here is how that you will be graded:

Madame Kolstad’s grade book is set up into four categories. These are: Quizzes and Tests, Classwork and Participation, Homework and Projects, Speaking and Effort. There are four categories so each section is 25 percent of your grade.


Quizzes and tests are just what they sound like but you can be sure that there will be more quizzes than tests. If you are someone that likes to cram for a test and not work throughout the year, you must change your paradigm! We do lots of little things to support comprehension-these cannot be skipped!


Classwork can be any and all activities that we do in class which include listening activities and the journal/notebook in which you will keep all of your notes. DO NOT lose this notebook. It will get checked at least two times per quarter and you will get points for your notes and work. If it’s lost, it’s gone. Here is the rubric that will be used for each journal check:

Journal Rubric


The journal contained at least 90 percent of the entries during the mid-quarter period.

1-30 ________

The journal was copied accurately in French and any mistakes were corrected.


The activities in the journal were corrected where appropriate.




Homework is just that and is expected to be completed promptly. DO NOT ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO COPY THEIR HOMEWORK. This makes you an irresponsible friend because you are manipulating your friendship in a way that is not friendly. Please do not do this! In addition, do not GIVE YOUR HOMEWORK to your friends so they may copy it. You may suffer a bad consequence for your misguided kindness. All points will be combined to arrive at a percentage which will therefore be calculated by the district’s standard grading scale.


Projects will happen once per quarter. Failing to complete these projects really hurt your grade so please take these seriously. In addition, I tend to differentiate these projects so that there is something for everyone! This is a good opportunity to BOOST your grade if necessary!


Speaking and Effort: There is going to be a lot of speaking practice in this class. Here is a news flash: Madame Kolstad is the only one who speaks French really well at this point so PLEASE be kind to yourself and each other. It might feel hard to say certain words in French but you can and will get it so do not worry!!! DO NOT mock, tease or laugh at anyone’s pronunciation because we are all learningJ I really care about EFFORT! It is my favorite Tiger Pride expectation! Effort means your care, you are engaged and you are here!



Grading scale:

93-100%                   A                                  77-79                         C+

90-92                         A-                                73-76                         C

87-89                         B+                                70-72                         C-

83-86                         B                                  67-69                         D+

80-82                         B-                                63-66                         D

                                                                        60-62                         D-

                                                                        Below 60%                F



*Note:  Grades will be available on the parent and student portals on a regular basis.  Please contact me with questions or concerns about grades.


Because this is a language class, respectful behavior is a must not only to Madame Kolstad, but to your classmates as well. You will be asked to take a risk and speak in French or do a skit. Madame has a no tolerance for people making snide or rude comments, giggling or mocking of any kind. We need to have a SAFE SPACE FOR LEARNING. Please be your highest self as an audience member and as a student in my class. Please note that Madame will be speaking French as frequently as possible. You may miss a few words and that is okay. Repeat: You may not catch every word that Madame Kolstad says in French and that is OKAY! If you are paying attention you will catch most things as I will make it as comprehensible as possible. Please do not get frustrated. I will be pushing you to understand French and it will not feel natural or it will and you are lucky! As stated, as long as you pay attention, it will be okayJ

Also, out of respect for your environment and other people who will be using this classroom, please DO NOT WRITE on the furniture. It makes things look REALLY yucky plus Madame Kolstad DOES NOT LIKE CLEANING! If I catch you writing on the desks then you will be invited to stay after school and clean!


What to expect daily:

Here is what a typical day will look like. You will walk in and take your seat. You will take out your notebook and do your warm-up that will be posted. You will typically have five to seven minutes for the warm-up. In your notebook, please date the page and label it with the posted learning target for that day. Madame will check your notebooks periodically for credit.  We will then do our lesson and finish with practice and homework. You can expect homework at least three times per week. Depending on what we are studying, it could be up to five times a week. I will always try to keep in manageable! Little chunks of practice are a lot better than a big cram session for learning languages!! DO NOT FALL BEHIND! EVERYONE IN THIS CLASS CAN GET AN “A”!



Minneapolis World Language Standards included in this course:


Goal 1: Communicate in a language other than English

Goal 2: Gain knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures.

Goal 3: Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information

Goal 4: Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture

Goal 5: Participate in Multilingual Communities at Home and Around the World.



Policy on make-up work, absences and tardies:

Madame Kolstad takes prompt attendance. If you are late you will be marked as such on the computer. If you are late three times, Madame Kolstad will pursue the issue with administration and/or the PBIS committee, to help you get to class on time. If you are absent, plan on showing Madame an excused absence (hand written or on the computer), to make up your work. If you do not have an excuse, either written or on the computer, then you will not be allowed to make up your missed work. If you are absent on the day of a test or major project, be prepared to have evidence of an excused absence! If it is not excused, you will not be eligible to make up the test or major project. If you know that you will be out of town or absent for any reason, please ask Madame in advance for your make-up work. Missing work can be made up within one day for a deduction in points.



Electronic Device Policy: South policy states that students are allowed to use cell phones in the hallway. Please make sure that the hallway is where it stays. There may be a time, in class, with my permission that you can use your cell phone, however, until that time, keep it off and put away. Do NOT let it ring or vibrate while Madame is teaching. It seriously distracts from the lesson and diverts student thinking. If your device becomes a problem, Madame will take it. Period.


**A note on Snapchat and the interwebs in general:

 I personally consider it a violation of my privacy for people to photograph me while I am teaching. In addition, it should be seriously considered whether or not one should be photographing classmates much less altering their images and putting them on the web. Please be careful. That is all.



Behavior Policy

Madame Kolstad tries hard to be flexible and understand that everyone has bad days, that people have conflicts, and that not every day will her students have the enthusiasm for learning that she herself possesses for teaching. HOWEVER, as previously mentioned, there will be no tolerance for abusive or attacking language or behavior. If you are having such a hard time, that the idea of me asking you a question is painful, then let me know at the beginning of class. I will be happy to accommodate a few times. If there is something major, remember, that there are counselors and social workers just itching to do their jobs! If you are disruptive and disrespectful, here is what you can expect:

1.   A non-verbal communication from Madame such as, but not limited to, “the stink eye”, a loud clearing of throat, a statement such as “Simone, s’il vous plait, stop poking Jean-Paul!”

2.   If step one doesn’t do the trick we move here, to step two which is, in effect, your last warning. You may be sent into the hall to mellow out. Your seat may be moved. You may get a stern reminder. In any event, please oh please stop at step two.

3.   If you really are dedicated to consequences for negative behavior, then here we are, step three. At this point, everyone gets in on the act. Your parent or guardian will be called, you will get a referral which goes to administration and you will more than likely not be in class for the remainder of that day.


Discipline issues are a real bummer because they slow down learning, they leave a nasty feeling in the classroom and if you are the perpetrator of the negative behavior, you are probably just kicking yourself for acting like that anyway! So try hard to be your authentic self, allow yourself to feel vulnerable if that is how you feel and to not put on a show for anyone or any reason. It’s a waste.




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Students and parents/guardians:       


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We have read the above syllabus for French II and understand the information and guidelines included.



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