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document 2016-2017 Fr. 1 Syllabus   --  Please check the syllabus for class expectations, grading policy, and information about the course. The last page must be turned into Mme. Tomalty by Wednesday, the 31st.
PDF Pirates- Chapitre 1   --  This will help you with your homework that is due Monday the 9th.
French 1

Madame Tomalty

About me:

I fell in love with French while living with a host family in the French Alps. I also lived in Morocco, where French is spoken.  I have a bachelor’s degree in French Studies from the University of Minnesota and completed my post bachelorette at the U of  MN in Second Language Education.  

Outside of the classroom I enjoy spending time with my husband, speaking French, rock climbing, reading, running, and traveling.

I’m really looking forward to teaching French 1! 

Helpful links:

 Quizlet! Copy and paste this link to find our class  

Great for vocabulary and pronunciation! Remember to repeat after the native speaker!

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