Deb Snell, Media Specialist
Mt Ryan
Ms Snell climbing Mt. Ryan in California

Job Responsibilities:

Teach computer lab orientation, Troubleshoot technology issues,   Purchase audio visual equipment, Teach Internet searching skills to students & teachers, Supervise the media center, Serve as the South webmaster, and more. 

Special Interests:
Learning new creative software

Video editing

Science Fiction

Biography: I grew up with two sisters.  My dad used to complain about being outnumbered, even the dog was a girl. 

My work experiences have included: custodian, secretary, sales associate,  legal secretary, special education, and media specialist positions. Throughout the years, I have worked at SouthWest (1 year), Jenny Lind (2 years), Olson Middle School (7 years), & South High (since 2004)

While I have learned something from every work experience, my greatest passion is the media program.  As the Internet provides more and more information it becomes vital that we as educators provide students with the tools they need to sort through the immense amount of data that is available to them.

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