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Algebra, Geometry & Statistics

  •  Struggled a lot in Advanced Algebra.  Earned at least one non-passing grade in AA.
  • Needs credit makeup.
  • This is a good course to help students prepare for standardized tests, like the ACT and the ACCUPLACER.
  • Seniors only.


  •  Great for students who plan on going into mathematics or science based careers like engineering, chemistry, biology, computer  science, physics, and economics. 
  • You will be going deeper into many of the Algebra topics you covered this year. 
  • A typical successful student does 30-45 minutes of homework each night.
  • Has near perfect attendance.
  • Students should have earned A’s and B’s in Advanced Algebra.
  • Prerequisite to AP Calculus.
  • You secretly love solving challenging math problems.

College Algebra and Statistics

  • Are planning on attending college.
  • Juniors and Seniors only.
  • Struggled in Advanced Algebra, earning C grades, on average.
  • This course review topics covered in Advanced Algebra plus a little bit more.
  • Quarter 4 includes a Personal Finance unit.
  • There is homework every night.

AP Statistics

  • Students that are going to a four year-college and majoring in anything other than math, engineering, or physics. If  you are required to take a mathematics course in college, it will most likely be Statistics. 
  • This is an AP course with the chance to earn college credits.
  • Successful students typically:  do 4 hours of homework each week, have near perfect attendance. are willing to come in before or after school, and participate in out of class study groups.

What if I don’t want to take math next year?

If you have any plans to attend any type of post-secondary institution, you need four years of high school math. All post-secondary institutions require a math placement test and some math credits.  Students who take four years of math are less likely to pay for non-credit bearing courses in college and more likely to be successful in school. 

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