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Career & College Center

Welcome to the Career & College Center!

We help prepare students for life after high school by providing resources, technology and space to research all postsecondary options beyond high school. The Career & College Center Coordinators are available to conect and assist students with the following;

  • My Life Plan and Naviance
  • Career Fairs with local professionals
  • College campus tours
  • College and Career representative visits at school
  • Information for ACT test registration and preparation
  • College research and application assistance
  • FAFSA, financial aid and scholarship research
  • Resume writing, job interview, financial literacy and other professional skills workshops
  • Career research and career planning assistance
  • Connect students with resources for job and internship opportunities
  • Answer questions and assist students with career & college planning


Each year you have a number of My Life Plan (MLP) Tasks to complete. Here are some ways you will take care of these MLP tasks;

  • When you have a group or individual meeting with your counselor
  • One of your classes visits the Career + College Center (CCC) for a lesson/activity
  • Your entire grade completes an activity (Career Day, College Fair)
  • You make an appointment with a CCC Coordinator (FAFSA, College Application, etc.)
  • You log in to Naviance an complete MLP tasks on your own

Log in to Naviance here to access My Life Plan (MLP)

  • email: your school email - example:
  • password: your 6 digit school id#, put zeros in front of your id# if it is not 6 digits - exampls: 345678 or 009876