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Astronomy Research Paper

Astronomy Research Symposium                                            Due 4/21

The purpose of this paper is to gain experience presenting scientific content using primary sources as well as popular science articles.  Presentations should be interesting and informative for your classmates.   



4-5 slides

3-4 minutes


Possible topics


  1. Famous astronomers – how did they change astronomy?
  2. Star formation and demise – what is our evidence for this?
  3. Active Galactic Nuclei
  4. Quasars – ravenous black hole at the center of galaxies
  5. Dark matter and dark energy – what is the evidence
  6. NASA – What are some current trends
  7. Space travel – what are some current trends in aerospace technology
  8. Telescope astronomy (radio, infrared, ultraviolet etc)
  9. Chose a topic of your own








Not organized

Mostly structured

Some parts not connected

Well structured

Good flow


Unclear and confusing

Somewhat easy to understand

Informative.  Clear and easy to understand


Just reading off slides

Understands the general idea

Shows depth of thought.  Creative

Useful links - gives good overview of current research   - Primary sources.   - Publication from Fermilab on Dark Matter, Neutrinos and other topics in modern physics and astronomy

Lifestyle Project

Click the orange icon to get the handouts.  The Lifestyle Project is a way for you to learn about the energy you use in your everyday life and to reduce your environmental footprint by modifying your lifestyle. The project is a four-week exercise, beginning with a measurement of your “baseline” behavior followed by three weeks in which you reduce your consumption of water, energy, and/or high-impact foods and reduce the amount of material you throw away. The idea of this project is to make changes in your lifestyle that will reduce the amount of resources you use and have a beneficial effect on the environment. The changes aren’t difficult, but they are significant. Mostly they will require planning and thinking about your actions.   This will be worth one third of your high school grade for the quarter.

Week 0: Feb 5 - Feb 11  Pick three "average" days and document quantitatively your consumption in the Excel spreadsheet.

Week 1:  Feb 12 -  Feb 18 Reduce your energy use and environmental impact over 2 days and document this in your journal (you do not need to record quantitative data).

Week 2:  Feb 19 - Feb 25 Reduce your energy use and environmental impact over 3 days and document this in your journal (you do not need to record quantitative data).

Week 3:  Feb 26  - March 4  Reduce your energy use and environmental impact over 4 days and document this in your journal. In addition, record quantitative data for 3 of the 4 days and record it in the Excel spreadsheet.


Project due March 20th

  - all journals, calculation sheet and Summary paper.  Please turn everything in at once to make it easy to keep track of.

POM Assignment 4 CO2 reduction

Click on above for a PDF from energy for future presidents.

300 word prove you read it.  Due Friday for 10 pts and Monday for 9 pts

Choose 2 of the articles from below and write a summary.  Possible talking points could include: 

What should the governements role be in regulating carbon dioxide emissions?  Should companies be forced to reduce these emissions?  To what degree?  What can be done to reduce our dependance on oil?

 How do the CO2 reduction measures influence our economy on the short term and on the long term?

What are some of the main parts of the Paris Agreement?  How do you think it might affect greenhouse emissions?


Climate Change Debate    Read about the Paris agreement and highlight the main points -    This is an actual copy of the agreement  - Should auto manufactures be forces to increase gas mileage? - Divide at the White house over paris agreement



Possible Talking points: